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8 Interesting Bruno Fernandes Fun Facts You May Not Know


° Bruno Fernandes is a school dropout.

° Bruno Fernandes’s idol is Ronaldinho.

° Bruno Fernandes has played in the center-back position.

Key Facts About Bruno Fernandes:

Full Name: Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes

DOB: 8 September 1994

Place of Birth: Maia, Portugal

Height: 1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

Position: Attacking midfielder

Current Team: Manchester United

Currently Shirt Number: 8

Manchester United star midfielder, Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes has been a name to reckon with in English football since he joined the Red Devils in Jan of 2022. He joined Manchester United for a fee of £47 million and ever since then he has been a key path to the Red Devils’ success with his goals and assists.

Bruno Fernandes
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Bruno Fernandes in just a few years of joining the Red Devils has broken a lot of records in the football department. But Aside from football, do you know any other thing about the Portuguese and Manchester United’s midfielder? Just dive into this summary article of 8 facts about the United Captain.

8 Interesting Facts About Manchester United’s Captain Bruno Fernandes.

8. Bruno Fernandes dropped out of school to pursue his dream:

Bruno Fernandes chose to leave school in his teenage years just to pursue his dream of becoming a professional player at the top level. As a young boy, Bruno would play football with his older brother Ricardo in the street of Porto Ricardo was already a professional footballer at the moment.

Bruno Fernandes’s dad moved to a foreign land at the start of his career but due to the poor condition of the Swiss football league Bruno stayed back.

7. He started his career as a center back:

At the youth level, Bruno played at the center-back position at his former club Infesta. He wasn’t the playmaking player most of us currently know him for. His move to the attacking midfield position came when he went on a loan from Boavista to Pasteleria which is based in Lisbon.

Bruno Fernandes moved to the attacking midfield position at the age of 15 and it was mainly spearheaded by his head coach at Pasteleria.

6. Bruno Fernandes Taught Himself Italian:

Bruno Fernandes learned Italian on his own after he moved to the Italian Serie A at the age of 17. When he joined the Italian side Novara, he struggled to communicate with his teammates and others which was the force he needed to push him to learn the new language of the new club.

Bruno Fernandes is multilingual as he speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and a little French.

5. Bruno Fernandes’s lucky number is the number 8:

Bruno Fernandes first wore the number 18 Chelsea at Manchester United when he joined the Red Devils in the winter of 2020. He finally got his favorite number 8 when Mata left the club. He has been wearing the number 8 ever since then, and according to him, the number is his ‘Lucky’ number.

He has some interesting history with the number for according to him that was the number worn by his late father who was also a footballer. “The eighth is the day of my birthday!” Fernandes told Manchester United’s official website in July 2022. “So this number eight says a lot about me, my family, and my past. That’s why I like to use it. And that’s why it’s my preferred number.” – Bruno

4. Bruno Fernandes’s idol is Ronaldinho:

Most football fans are aware that Bruno Fernandes idolizes his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, but not all know that he is also a big fan of Brazilian legend Ronaldinho.

“When I grew up, the first player I liked to watch was Ronaldinho,” Bruno Fernandes clarified during one episode of the Red Devils Podcast in 2020. “He had this kind of magic that nobody else had. It was the way he worked every day. The mentality he had and the capacity to give one hundred percent in every game at a high level.” – Bruno Fernandes.

3. Bruno Fernandes has always been a die-hard Manchester United fan:

As a young player, Bruno Fernandes was said to be a die-hard Manchester United fan due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s success story at the club.

As a boy, He watched Manchester United games with the young exciting Cristiano Ronaldo running on defenders from the wings.

It was rumored that Bruno Fernandes even cried after his move from Sporting Lisbon to Man United materialized.

Bonus Facts:

2. He is a record breaker:

Bruno Fernandes has broken a lot of records since the start of his career whether in the national team or his club career.

He holds the record for the most goals by a modified in the Portuguese league. Bruno Fernandes also holds the record for the most goals by a midfielder in the English Premier League.

1. Bruno Fernandea is Second in Premier League History for Open Play Chances created. He is likely to top the list in a few seasons to come.

FAQ About Bruno Fernandes:

How old is Bruno Fernandes?

° Bruno Fernandes was born on September 8, 1994.

What shirt number does Bruno wear at Manchester United?

° At first when he arrived, he wore the number 18 shirt for the Red Devils before settling for the number 8 after Mata departed from the club.

How many goals has Bruno Fernandes scored for Manchester United?

° The Portuguese have been scoring for the Red Devils since he joined them back in 2020. He got quite a handful of goals for the Red Devils since joining the club.

Who is Bruno Fernandes’s wife?

° Bruno got married to his childhood sweetheart Ana Pinho; they married in 2015.

How many kids does Bruno Fernandes have?

° Bruno Fernandes and his wife have a daughter named Matilde (born 30 January 2017) and a son named Gonçalo (born 6 September 2020).

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